Where were the Tories??

Thanks to everyone who came along to the cross party debate yesterday. Those that couldn’t attend missed representatives from the Green Party, Socialist Students, Lib Dems and our representative Jayne Innes (ppc Nuneaton) discuss the current political situation. The open style of the question allowed a lively debate to be had about issues from climate change to the recent election of Barack Obama.

The big mystery of the night was where the conservative candidate was. Warwick Conservatives chairwoman Faye Lawson was not in attendance but had previously sugested brining a Tory candidate for one of the Coventry seats. However according to the politics society no one was confirmed as the Tory speaker. Andrew O’Brien, deputy chair of Warwick Conservatives, had no idea who or where the Tory candidate was, but attended the debate.

More debateing next week in aid of Go Green Week, this time with student speakers from each of the parties. Lets hope a Tory comes along this time and we can put their recent supposed enthusaism for Green issues to the test.

1 thought on “Where were the Tories??

  1. What makes the Tories’ non-appearance all the stranger… this was the day that David Cameron was in Coventry, so presumably the PPCs were hanging about to have their photos with him… Very odd.

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