Week 2 Welcome Back! and Report on Labour Students Conference

Welcome back to Warwick! Details of this weeks events to follow in this weeks email, but for now please check out what happened over the break at the Labour Students Conference: –


On the Weekend of the 13th and 14th of December we sent 7 members to the Labour Students National Council at Labour Party HQ in London. We were joined by students from universities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Oxford and Manchester. In all over 100 students from across the U.K. Also in attendance was NUS President and Labour Students activist Wes Streeting.

The event included speakers such as Hazel Blears MP, James Purnell MP and former Labour Party advisor Derek Draper. We spent the weekend discussing ID cards, motions put forward by various clubs and electing officers for Labour Students and our NUS candidates.We also spent an hour doing phone canvassing for the national party.

ls-socialOn the first night we also had a social in a pub restaurant hired out completely for the conference with provided food and a stocked bar. It was here we made links with the Birmingham Labour Club and discussed a possible regional social with other uni clubs as well. So get ready for a possible multi-club social that may make past socials look tame.

The higlight of the event was the stir we caused with out motion on Cheaper drinks for Student Union bars. A motion we furthered to the confrence caused a tense debate with another delegate trying to kill the motion. However we won the vote 19-14 delegates with 5 abstensions.


chris-campaigningFor more stories of the conference (some of which aren’t suitable for here) please ask me (Rory), Ben, Chris, Matt, Tom B, Charlie or Lucy – who all came along.

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